5 Reasons You'll Love CWCU Online Banking


When you’re a member of a credit union, there are many banking aspects that work in your favor. You have easy access to savings and checking accounts, as well as ample borrowing options. Still, one of the most convenient options that credit unions offer is the ability to use online banking.

As technology has advanced, so has the way you’re able to control your finances. Online banking was created with the convenience of credit union members in mind, as it allows them to do popular banking tasks from the convenience of their own homes. You’ll love the online banking options that Central Willamette Credit Union has to offer, as it even allows members to use online banking from mobile devices and places without internet access.

If you haven’t accessed online banking with CWCU yet, you’ll want to soon. Your banking experience can be even easier by enrolling in this convenient option. Here are five reasons that you’ll love online banking with CWCU.

1. Mobile Check Deposit

Everyone loves receiving a check, but not everyone loves the hoops they have to go through in order to deposit it. Taking a trip to the credit union to deposit your check may seem like a hassle at times, preventing you from having access to your money as quickly as possible. Whether it’s from work or a gift, depositing your check shouldn’t feel like a hassle. That’s why CWCU’s online banking system includes mobile check deposit.

With mobile check deposit, you can deposit your check into your accounts from wherever you are. All you need to have is a cell phone that can capture pictures and access to the internet. Once you receive your check, all you have to do is sign the back of it like you normally would. After you’ve endorsed it, you’ll need to log into your online banking account and simply take a photograph of the front and back of the check. The check will be submitted through your online portal, and depending on the time of day you deposit it, your check may be processed on the same business day.

2. Transfer Funds

Moving money around can be tricky, but it doesn’t have to be. When you have an online banking account with CWCU, you’ll be able to transfer money easily and in a variety of ways. For instance, the standard transfer of money between two of your own accounts with your credit union can be done flawlessly with a click of just a few buttons. You can even schedule recurring transfers between your accounts for future dates, freeing you up from having to manually make the transfer each time.

Another benefit of online banking with CWCU is that you can complete member-to-member transfers. This is a perfect option for spouses who move money between their separate accounts often. It allows them to maintain their separate accounts while still being able to share money. It’s also a great option for parents whose children have their own checking or savings accounts with CWCU. Parents can deposit allowance money into their children’s accounts or send money to their child who is away at school.

3. eStatements

Our eStatement option with online banking is a popular feature for many reasons, one being that it’s an environmentally friendly option. Every month, thousands of pounds of paper are used to provide people with copies of their banking statements. Being able to access your statements online and choosing that option exclusively, is a way for you to do your part in not contributing to unnecessary waste.

And rest assured, viewing your statements this way is secure. It’s protected by the latest security technology and stored online, not on your PC. It’s also a great way to have 24-hour access to your statements and avoid waiting all month to review your banking activity. Lastly, this option is both free and easy to use. Members love how easy eStatements are to access and having so much control over their finances.

4. Text Banking

With the popularity of mobile devices being more prominent than ever, it only makes sense to have a banking option that involves texting. The ability to use text banking with CWCU is a convenient aspect of the online banking program. All you have to do to activate this option is to sign in to your online banking portal and enable the text banking option.

With text banking, you can access a few important banking aspects from any mobile phone. You’ll have a specific number to send a text to and a few easy-to-remember text commands to choose from. Some of the things you’ll be able to access with text banking are the balances of your accounts and loans and your recent transaction history. You’ll also have the ability to transfer funds between accounts. This is a great option to have when you’re in an area with no Wi-Fi, are using a mobile device without internet access, or don’t have access to a secure internet connection.

5. Easy Overall Access and Features

The conveniences of CWCU online banking are some of the most enjoyed aspects of being a credit union member. Having your most frequently used banking needs at your fingertips helps members feel in even more control of their money and how it’s used. The easy features of online banking make it accessible to everyone, no matter how technology savvy.

Online access is made accessible through features like a simple login. You can log in to CWCU online banking from anywhere, so long as you know your username and password. And for times when you forget your password, it can be easily recovered or reset through text, email, or a phone call. You’ll also have convenient access to check images, which show you clear images of the checks that you deposit, as well as the ones that you make out for others. You’ll also be able to view your transaction history, pending debit card transactions, your account information, and more.

Online banking can make life much easier when it comes to controlling your finances. Members can enroll in online banking with CWCU via our website or in-person at one of our conveniently located local branches in Oregon.