What is BulletPay?

  • BulletPay allows members to use our mobile site or website to send money to anyone with a debit card or bank account number. Including any member or non-member!

What are the requirements for me to use BulletPay?

  • Central Willamette non-business checking account & debit card.
  • Online or Mobile Banking Enrollment (using non-business login account).
  • Accounts must be in good standing.

How do I access BulletPay to send money?

  • Login to Online or Mobile Banking: Menu > Transactions > BulletPay.
  • First time users will receive instructions and our Terms and Conditions.
  • Add a Central Willamette debit card as the source account where the money will be withdrawn from.

Is there a fee to use this service?

  • No, there is not fee for this service. 

Is there a transaction limit?

  • Yes, there is a daily limit of $1000 per login account. 
  • You also have a monthly limit of $4000. 
  • BulletPay transfers are processed through the debit card network; standard daily debit card transaction limits apply.

How fast does the transfer complete?receive money transaction screen

  • The transaction has two separate parts: Sending & Receiving. 
  • Sending:  The money is deducted from your chosen checking account immediately via a Debit card PIN transaction. 
  • Receiving:  The recipient will immediately receive an SMS text message or email letting them know you have sent them money. Once they click the link they will have an option to input their debit card information or checking account information (ACH) depending on how they would like to receive the money.  If they enter their Debit card the transaction completes immediately. If they choose ACH (provide checking account number) before 2pm Pacific time, Mon-Fri, the money should arrive the next business day.

Why do I need to enter my debit card PIN online?

  • The sending portion of each BulletPay transaction is a PIN based debit transaction, therefore requiring you to enter your PIN number.

How secure is this system?

  • The PIN pad numbers scramble in between key presses. This is a very important security feature to keep your Debit card PIN secure. The PIN entry screen will visibly scramble each time a number is selected. 

Illustration of PIN pad numbers scrambling between key presses a security feature of BulletPay from Central Willamette Credit Union

What information do I need to send money to someone?

  • All you need is their name and email address or mobile phone number.  You do not need the recipient’s bank account or debit card information.  You will not need to send an email or text message to your recipient as the system does this for you automatically. 
  • When using BulletPay within our mobile app system, you will have the option to use your device’s phone book to access contact information. You won’t even have to type in a recipient’s name, phone number and email address.

How long does the recipient have to collect the money I send?

  • Your recipient has 10 business days to collect the money you send them. If 10 days passes and they have failed to do so, the transaction will be cancelled and the money will then be redeposited into your sending account, within 3 business days.

Do I have to put something in the Memo Field?

  • No, the memo field is “optional”.

Please note, this text will be displayed to the recipient when they receive the email. It does not display in the text message option. The memo will NOT display in your transaction history or on your statements.

Can I add more than 1 debit card in BulletPay?

  • Yes, you may add multiple Central Willamette Non-Business debit cards to your BulletPay account. Then you may choose between the cards with each transaction you perform.

What will the transaction look like on my statement?

  • A BulletPay transaction will post to your checking account as a regular debit card PIN based transaction with “Central Willamette” as the merchant.

What does the transaction look like on my recipient’s bank account?

  • If the recipient chose to use their debit card the transaction will appear in the checking account as a debit card PIN transaction with “Central Willamette” as the merchant.  If the recipient chose to enter their checking account info (ACH) the transaction will appear in the checking account as an ACH credit with “P2P PAY ACCULYNK PAYZUR” as the description. 

What happens if I send money to the wrong email or phone number?

  • In this scenario you would contact us at 541-928-4536 or visit your local branch so we can help you get it resolved.

What happens if the recipient enters the wrong debit card or checking account (ACH) number?

  • In this scenario the recipient would contact us at 541-928-4536 or visit any local branch so we can help them get it resolved.