New Online Banking Frequently Asked Questions

 - General FAQs 
 - Simple Sign-On FAQs
 - Customization Options FAQs 
 - Transfers and Loan Payments FAQs

General FAQs:
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Will I be able to view pending debit card transactions?
Yes, pending debit card transactions will display within your account transaction history in Online Banking and Mobile Banking. For each pending debit card transaction you will be able to view the date of transaction and dollar amount of held funds. In a future software update you will also be able to see the name of the business and/or their address.

What accounts will I be able to access through Online Banking?
You can access all accounts serviced by Central Willamette Community Credit Union. Online Banking is intended to give you as much access, security, and versatility as possible. You can now access multiple memberships using a single Online Banking login. This feature is available on request and requires approval by the Credit Union. Account ownership must be the same among all memberships.

How current is the information I view inside Online Banking?
Your account information is typically displayed in real time. Please pay close attention to the date and time stamp shown in the Updated column on the Account Overview page. To refresh current account balances and transaction history, sign off Online Banking and log back in. If we are performing system maintenance or experiencing technical difficulties, you may still be able to login and view your account transaction history up to the previous business day; however current account balances and pending debit transactions will not display when we are in maintenance mode.

Is there an Online Banking session time-out setting?
Yes. For security purposes, you will need to login again after 30 minutes of inactivity.

What is the lightning bolt all about?
The lightning bolt is the quick point to each of your accounts. Hover over it to see a range of information and options you have for that account. You can still double click on the account name to see account details, too.

What email address will Online Banking alerts originate from? - We recommend you add or to your email safe senders list to avoid delivery to Junk Mail.

Will I be able to see my cleared checks?
Yes. You will be able to view your cleared checks within Online Banking. This feature will not be immediately available within our new Mobile Banking apps; however it will be made available in an upcoming software release.

How much account history are you pulling in for my deposit accounts?
Initially at conversion on October 21, 2013, you will be able to view twelve months of transaction history. The system will archive all history going forward, eventually allowing access to five years of transaction history.

Will a new mobile banking app be available?
Yes. There will be a new mobile banking app available October 21, 2013. The updated app will be required in order to use Mobile Banking effective October 21. Please visit the Android Google Play Store or Apple App Store to download the new Central Willamette Mobile Banking apps for Android smartphones and tablets and Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod devices. Older versions of our mobile banking apps will not function after Oct 21. If you use a Windows Phone, Palm OS or Blackberry device you can use our new Mobile ‘Web’ Banking service. To enable Mobile ‘Web’ Banking login to Online Banking using a web browser after October 21 and click on Mobile under Preferences.

Simple Sign-On FAQs:
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What telephone number will the text messages I receive with my Online Banking Secure Access Codes and Alerts originate from?
The phone number will display as 32075. (Note: This is the ‘phone number’ your messages will be received from; it is not the Secure Access Code you will enter to login. The Secure Access Code is a six digit number that will be listed within the text message.)

To access Online Banking before, I used my Member Number. Now, it asks for a Login ID. Are these the same?
Yes. Your Login ID is your Member Number.

Can I change my Password at any time?
Yes. You may change your Password by visiting the Security link under the Preferences menu in Online Banking.

What are the password requirements for Online Banking?
Your password must be between 8 and 25 characters in length and contain at least one number and lower case letter. During your first login you will be required to set a new permanent Online Banking password.

What happens if I forget or lose my password?
Check the Forgot Password box and input your Login ID on the login page of Online Banking and follow the prompts. You will select to receive a phone call, email or text message alert with a Secure Access Code to reset your password.

What about Enhanced Login Security and Challenge Questions?
Enhanced Login Security will be enabled and required in order to access Online Banking and Mobile Banking accounts effective November 18,2013. Challenge Questions will no longer be used for Enhanced Login Security; instead Secure Access Codes delivered through a phone call, email or text message will be used to set Enhanced Login Security for each browser or device used to access online banking and mobile banking. More detailed information covering Enhanced Login Security will be provided before November 18.

Customizations Options FAQs:
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See the Account link under the Preferences menu section in Online Banking to access many of these customization features.

Can I view my account details in more than one way?
Yes. You can view your accounts through enhanced search capabilities by date, check number, transaction description, amount or balance, displayed in ascending or descending order.

What formats can I use for downloading my transaction history?
Online Banking supports downloads to Quicken, Quickbooks, MS Excel or as a comma-delimited text file (csv.) Go to Account History within the new system and change ‘Display’ to ‘Export to File’, then choose your file type preference and click Submit. Note: Direct access to your online accounts within Quicken and Quickbooks will still be available after Oct 21, however please see our New Online Banking Checklist for instructions to update your accounts after Oct 21.

Can I change the order of how my accounts are displayed?
Yes. You can choose the order your accounts display within drop down menus and on the Account Overview page. To change the account order, click on the Account link under the Preferences menu. Set the desired order number in the Order column within and click Submit button (green check mark above the column.) Start with zero (0) to list your first account. Note: Account ordering does not override of ordering of account type groups on the Account Overview page.

Can I nickname my accounts with better descriptions than what Central Willamette assigns to my accounts?
Yes. Click on the Account link under the Preferences menu to add or update your account nicknames. Enter the desired nickname within the Display Name column. Nicknames will only be used throughout online banking and mobile banking.

Can I setup new alerts for my accounts?
Yes. You can setup alerts for your accounts to be received via text message, email or phone calls. As example, alerts can be defined for low balances or when a deposit or withdrawal exceeds a set transaction amount. If you had alerts setup within online banking prior to October 21, 2013 you will need to setup your alerts within the new online banking system. Please see our New Online Banking Checklist for instructions. Some security related alerts will be enabled by default and cannot be disabled.

Can the time out setting be changed so I’m not logged out after a certain number of minutes of inactivity?
No. This is a security feature that is in place to protect you in case you are called away from your computer or mobile device. You have 30 minutes of inactivity before you are logged out and must sign back in. Please make sure you click Sign Off each time you are finished using online banking or mobile banking.

Can I change my Login ID and Password?
Yes. You may change your Login ID or Password by visiting the Security link under the Preferences menu in Online Banking. For security purposes it is recommended that your Login ID is not set to your member number or email address.

Transfers and Loan Payments FAQs:
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How do I make a payment to a Central Willamette loan account?
Click on the Funds Transfer link within the Transactions menu.

How do I transfer money to another one of my Central Willamette accounts?
Click on the Funds Transfer link within the Transactions menu.

Can I enter a note or description on my transfer conducted inside Online Banking?
Yes. You have the option of entering a description within the Enter Transfer Information section of the Transfer Funds page. These descriptions will not display within your monthly or quarterly Statement.

Can I schedule recurring payments?
Yes. Enter the desired frequency of your transfer on the Transfer Funds page of Online Banking. To access this page, click the Funds Transfer link under the Transactions menu. To modify recurring transfers, click the Recurring link under the Transactions menu.

Is there a single or daily transfer dollar limit for transfers conducted between my Central Willamette accounts?

Can I schedule future dated transfers?
Yes. You are able to schedule future and recurring transfers.

Can I setup External Funds Transfers to my accounts at other Credit Unions and Banks?
Yes. You can set up External Funds Transfers. Please contact the Credit Union to see if you qualify for this service.

Can I transfer money to another Central Willamette Account Holder?
Yes. Click on the Member to Member Transfer link located under Transaction. You must know the full member number, account number (suffix) and the last name of the primary owner or business name on the cross member account.


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