Your New Online & Mobile Banking Experience Starts NOW!

Welcome to your new digital banking experience.   For the best digital experience, use your desktop for online banking or download our new mobile app for mobile banking.   All users will need to enroll to use the new system. With this upgrade you will experience an innovative and intuitive digital experience like no other.

* For the best experience on mobile please use the mobile app for enrollment, not the browser.

How to get started:

Step 1: Delete the old CWCU mobile app

Step 2: Download the new app, now called CWCU Mobile Banking on Android or iPhone

Step 3: Register as a new user, even if you are a current member. Everyone needs to enroll again.

CWCU Online Banking

  • Current online banking users - go to our homepage and look for the “Enroll in Online Banking” link to enroll into our new online banking platform. New users can enroll here as well. This is a quick and easy process and requires you to create a unique login. 

  • Your banking information will transfer to the new online banking platform.
  • Any accounts associated with you will show under your profile. Now you’ll be able to see all of your accounts – both consumer and business, at once in a seamless and easy way.
  • If you have assigned nicknames to your accounts, you will need to re-establish your nicknames in the new system.

E-Service Set Up

To set up e-Statements, Mobile Deposit, BillPay, or Online Banking click here.

Bill Pay and e-Bills

*How is Bill Pay affected by the upgrade? Your Bill Pay payees and scheduled payments will transfer to the new system and be available to the primary account holder when they log in on or after November 7, 2022.

*How are eBills affected by the upgrade? You will need to reestablish all eBills on the new, enhanced, system after November 7, 2022. 

Connecting Budget-Tracking and Other Software

We understand that some of our members may experience difficulty connecting their budget tracking software to our online banking system. Third-party software such as Intuit QuickBooks, Quicken, Mint, Simplifi, Plaid, YNAB (You Need a Budget), Rocket Money, Venmo, and others may have issues updating their accounts and transactions. We want to assure our members that we are aware of these challenges and are working to resolve them.

Please note: While we do not have direct relationships with these software providers, we have provided some general troubleshooting steps below that may resolve the issue. If you are still having difficulty, please reach out to us for further assistance.

General Troubleshooting:

  • Contact Information: Make sure your contact information, specifically your personal phone and cell number, is up to date.
  • Member Number: Some software may ask for your member number, please use online banking username instead.
  • Account Number: Some software may ask for your account number, please use your ACH number (viewable on the Accounts page in online banking) instead.
  • Account Names: Establish a unique name for each share and/or loan across all your accounts (More > Account Settings)
  • Preferred Account: If you have multiple personal and business accounts, some budget tracking software will only recognize the checking/savings accounts in the "preferred account". The "preferred account" can be set in our online banking system, found in the profile-switcher (upper-right corner). If you want to link your personal accounts to the budget software, set the preferred account to "All Personal Memberships" and wait about 30 minutes before attempting to connect again. If you want to link your business accounts to the budget software, set the preferred account to "All Business Memberships". If you need both personal and business accounts in your budget software, please contact our Business Services Department for a separate workaround.
  • Reset Connections: Re-establish connections by inactivating, disconnecting, and/or removing existing credit union accounts from your budget software and then re-establishing the connection(s). Please refer to your software's specific instructions before removing any existing accounts to ensure that you don't delete information you wish to keep.
  • Transaction Upload: Some software supports uploading transactions. This is a manual fallback method, but should work if your software supports file imports. Transactions can also be downloaded from our online banking in various file formats such as CSV, QFX, OFX, and QBO. These can be accessed through Accounts > [click a specific account name] > click the Export icon.

Vendor-Specific Troubleshooting:

  • QuickBooks Online: Should work as expected.
  • QuickBooks Desktop and Quicken: Connections to your accounts may require additional setup. QuickBooks Desktop connects using "Direct Connect" or "Web Connect". Direct Connect will connect your personal and business accounts. If you are using Web Connect, change the connection type to Direct Connect. Please refer to QuickBooks' support for assistance.
  • Mint: Should work as expected.
  • Simplifi: Should work as expected.
  • Venmo: Venmo uses Plaid to connect to the credit union. Refer to the Plaid section for troubleshooting tips.
  • Rocket Money: Rocket Money uses Plaid to connect to the credit union. Refer to the Plaid section for troubleshooting tips.
  • YNAB (You Need a Budget): When attempting to connect through YNAB, enter your online banking username where NYAB asks for their Member Number. Additionally, YNAB uses Plaid and MX to connect to the credit union. Refer to those sections for troubleshooting tips.
  • Plaid and MX: Plaid is used by budget software and other banks to connect to the credit union. Follow Plaid's instructions and use the ACH Number (found in online banking's Account page next to each share - click the eye icon) when asked for the Account Number. IMPORTANT: refer to the information about your “preferred account” in the General Troubleshooting section, above.

All users should carefully review all downloaded transactions after completing the migration to ensure no transactions were duplicated or missed in the register. If you are experiencing some issues with accessing Intuit, please note that because of the multiple variations of Intuit products, we are continuing to address access as quickly as possible. 

We appreciate your patience in the meantime. 

Have questions? You can also call us at (541) 928-4536 or visit one of our conveniently located branches

Business members can call the CWCU Business Services team at (541) 918-7526. The CWCU team is ready to help you!

Please Note: To continue to provide you with the best service possible, please take a moment to update us with your latest contact information using this easy link.

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