Home Equity Rates

  4.25% 0.011644%
  4.50% 0.012329%
  5.00% 0.013699%
  5.25% 0.014384%
  5.50% 0.015068%
  5.75% 0.015753%
  6.25% 0.017123%
  6.75% 0.018493%

Home Equity Line of Credit Fixed for 5 years: The Annual Percentage Rate range is 4.75% to 6.75% and the Annual Percentage Periodic Rate is 0.014384% to 0.019178% at the time of opening for the first 5 years. After that the Periodic Rate and corresponding Annual Percentage Rate will be adjusted in accordance with the variable rate terms shown below.

Plus Line: The Annual Percentage Rate range is 4.25% to 6.75% Credit criteria determines the margin added to the Prime Rate as published in the Wall Street Journal (Western Edition) 15 days prior to the first day of each month

Current Prime Rate is 4.75%

The periodic Rate and ANNUAL PERCENTAGE RATE (for fixed rate loans), or the margin added to the index to determine the ANNUAL PERCENTAGE RATE (for variable rate loans), that will apply to your account may be based on a number of criteria, including your employment and residential status, current debt ratio, and your past credit experience. The maximum ANNUAL PERCENTAGE RATE that may apply over the life of the loan is 21%. For a $10,000.00 credit line the aggregate Credit Union and third party fees are estimated to be $543 - $2,774.00.

Your ANNUAL PERCENTAGE RATE will be disclosed on the Funds Advance Voucher provided at the time your loan is opened.

Membership requirements apply.

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The Credit Union may offer other rates in the future.

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