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Easy Team-Building Activities

Make Your Workplace the Place to Be

American workers are rapidly changing jobs and industries. According to McKinsey and Co., 40% of U.S. employees are considering quitting in the next six months. Additionally, a recent Gallop Poll found that 17% of workers report being disengaged at work. That disengagement and lack of dedication can add up to thousands of dollars a year per employee in lost productivity. Luckily, you can do something about these alarming trends with some quick team-building activities designed to improve communication and collaboration, build skills and trust, prevent misunderstandings, encourage creativity and innovation, strengthen loyalty, and retain talent. 

  • Field Trip: Organize a day away from the office to visit another local business or service entity. Fun options include a large-scale bakery, warehouse, lumber mill, or fire department. If you have business contacts, ask about taking turns hosting the field trip so that people from other companies can see what you and your people do. 
  • Laser Tag (Paint Ball, Airsoft): If there’s an indoor or outdoor venue near you, schedule a time for whole departments to go play laser tag together. It’s a great activity that builds teamwork and showcases leadership skills.  
  • Fun-for-All Tournament: Whether it’s cornhole, darts, or some other competitive activity, a tournament, complete with a tournament bracket and unique team names, builds camaraderie, connects departments, and adds fun to the workday. Some tournaments can take weeks or even months to complete. 
  • Daily Trivia: Open each day with a trivia question, either in person, via email, or on the company intranet. Everyone who gets the question right wins a small prize or recognition. Be sure to include movie, music, sports, as well as history trivia to give everyone a chance to showcase their knowledge. 
  • 1-Hour Scavenger Hunt: Want to make a Monday afternoon one to remember? Put together a scavenger hunt that requires small teams to search both online, onsite, and around town to locate and retrieve items or take selfie photos (if the item is a statue or landmark). Encourage competition by offering prizes to the winning team.
  • Office Radio: Everyone loves music. But not everyone loves neo-classical country music inspired by Mozart players. This team-building activity is ongoing and easy. Simply set up a stereo to play your preferred streaming music service in the workplace. Then, invite everyone to contribute to that playlist. To keep things workplace-appropriate, enable the “limit explicit content” option. 
  • RAK: Also known as random acts of kindness, schedule your team or whole departments to go out and lend a hand for a local food pantry or other charity. If you can spare just five people for a total of two hours, that’s 10 hours of help for a worthwhile cause. Plus, your employees will get something out of it too. 
  • Team Potluck: This is a great activity that works with nearly any size department. Simply assign different people to bring different prepared dishes to a special internal lunch. All you’ll need to supply are tables as well as paper plates, cups, and utensils.

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