Traditional & E-Commerce Solutions

Thanks to our partnership with Total Merchant Concepts, we can provide you with a simple month-to-month contract for merchant services and 24/7 access to expert customer service.

Merchant services include:

  • Credit & debit card acceptance
  • Affordable terminals
  • Web-based virtual terminals
  • Delayed or real-time web authorization
  • Wireless and mobile options for home-based or mobile businesses
  • Fax, mail and phone authorization
  • Electronic check processing (verification/guarantee/ACH conversion)
  • Accounting and POS software options

Remote Deposit Capture

RDC, or Remote Deposit Capture, is a program designed to provide Central Willamette Credit Union members with the convenience of depositing checks remotely. 

With this technology, businesses can scan multiple checks simultaneously, securely transmitting the checks directly to the Credit Union for deposit into their chosen account. 

  • With RDC you have the ability to deposit checks without the need to visit a branch, saving time and effort, especially for businesses dealing with numerous checks.
  • Central Willamette also provides an endorsement stamp, making the remote deposit process even more convenient.

ACH Origination

ACH Origination, or Automated Clearing House, is a cost-effective solution for businesses looking to streamline their financial operations. 

It enables electronic payments and deposits, such as payroll and vendor payments, providing security and convenience. 

Central Willamette Credit Union offers ACH Origination to our business members, allowing them to enjoy reliable fund transfers, a low-cost alternative to wire transfers, accelerated fund availability, and greater control over payment scheduling and cash management forecasting.

Business Services Team

    • Headshot of Derek Stith

      Derek Stith

      (541) 918-7572

      [email protected]

      Derek is an experienced Commercial Loan Officer with 18 years of experience in lending and a degree from Oregon State University.  He has a proven track record of helping businesses secure financing to achieve their goals. When not at work, he enjoys kayaking, surfing, skiing, and spending time with his family. Contact Derek today to learn more about how he can help you take your business to the next level.

    • Headshot of Sherrie Payne

      Sherrie Payne

      (541) 497-8100

      [email protected]

      Sherrie is a seasoned Business Relationship Manager with 25 years of experience in banking. Her commitment to exceptional member service has earned her the trust and loyalty of her clients. Outside of work, Sherrie enjoys gardening, painting, and volunteering. Contact her today to learn more about how she can help you grow your business and achieve financial success.

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