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Here, you can find the right way to buy a home. Whether you need a loan to buy a house, want to use the value of your home to get money, or need a credit line, we have solutions made just for you. Start your journey to owning your dream home today by applying now.

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Central Willamette is a great place to start your mortgage search. From pre-approval to closing, we guide you through the entire process. 

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      Kelsey Drager

      NMLS: 1930423


      [email protected]

      With years of experience in banking and real estate, Kelsey knows how essential it is to have a professional who understands the industry and listens to your needs. She has extensive knowledge of the local markets and a passion for helping members. When Kelsey is not helping members, she can be found at the race shop with her husband working on their race cars. 

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      Jay Nevin

      NMLS: 1105736


      [email protected]

      Working in the banking industry since 2007, Jay enjoys creating financial solutions for members. Whether you are looking to purchase your dream home or refinance your current mortgage, you can rest assured that you are in excellent hands. When Jay is not helping members with their real mortgage needs, he is at home spending time with his two cats Camille and Kevin.

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