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Top 10 Holiday Marketing Strategies

Make This a Solid Sales Season!

Families have started shopping for the holidays earlier every year since the pandemic. In 2022, some 56% kicked off their holiday spending in October, according to Statista. Does this mean you’re too late? Nope. It just means you need our top 10 holiday marketing strategies to quickly get in front of as many shoppers as you can and boost your Q4 profits. 

10. Use the Internet

According to Pew Research Center, 85% of your potential customers use the internet every day. That’s a lot of people starting their holiday shopping with a click rather than a phone call or in-person visit. If you already have an e-commerce solution, congratulations. If not, at least give your website a quick facelift and highlight some of your holiday promotions. 

9. Optimize Search Results

That should include a map to your location (if you have one), special offers, overall reviews, and why someone should choose you over the competition. 

8. Use Paid Search Advertising

It is possible to be on the first page of your customer’s search results. Additionally, paid advertising allows you to hyper-target audiences. This gives you a better chance to put your ads in front of the right people at the right time.  

7. Highlight Customer Reviews

Happy customers bring other potential customers to your door (or website). Be sure to ask for reviews from your satisfied customers and share those appraisals online. 

6. Get Social

Post daily on Facebook, Instagram, and more. Use video to get attention. Be sure to include sale offers and price incentives. 

5. Communicate with Your Past Customers

If you have a database of past and current customers, tell them about your holiday offers. If they like your products/services/brand, they’ll likely give you another try. 

4. Offer a Holiday Discount

Lower prices as much as possible or bundle popular gift items with less-popular ones to boost sales and move inventory. 

3. Give Back

Choose to give your existing customers an additional incentive with an added 5 or 10% off their purchase in November or December. Or choose to give back a percentage of overall sales to a non-profit in the community. Let people know that your business gives back and how it works. If you choose the right recipient, it can boost sales. 

2. Have a Giveaway

Everyone who buys something from you is entered to win. DON’T BE SHY. Let everyone know about the giveaway, what is at stake, and how they can enter. This is great content for social media posts. Just remember, you must legally allow people to enter by mail without a purchase.

1. Go Mobile

A whopping 64% of online purchases made in the U.S. are done by smartphone, according to a 2022 report from Statista. If your website or e-commerce page isn’t optimized for smartphones, it should be. Get on it! Your bottom line will thank you. 

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