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7 Great Features of an Oregon Credit Union

If you’re from Oregon, you’ve probably learned to love all things local. You drink local craft beer and you eat food from local farms, but did you know that there are more ways to stay local than just the way you shop? Putting your money into a local Oregon credit union is a great way to support your community while also receiving trusted and accessible banking services.

You have options when it comes to finding an Oregon credit union, and those options come with a lot of great features. Central Willamette Credit Union was recently ranked the number two credit union in Oregon and is proud to demonstrate how convenient and beneficial banking with an Oregon credit union can be. With features such as competitive interest rates, banking options for children, and many wonderful ways of giving back to the community, banking with a credit union may just be the best option for you and your money.

1. Home Loans

Thinking of buying a new home for your family? The process of buying a home can easily become a stressful experience, and the home loan process can be the hardest part. When you’re a member of an Oregon credit union, you get to reap all the benefits that come with it, like having access to very competitive mortgage interest rates or starting a new member-savings account. Using the most advanced technology available, credit unions are able to streamline the mortgage process.

Another benefit of being a credit union member is great partnerships, like Central Willamette Credit Union’s partnership with myCUmortgage, where credit union members are walked through all the steps on the way to a great mortgage, completely free.

2. Convenient Locations

Banking is made easy when a credit union branch isn’t too far away from your home. That’s why Central Willamette Credit Union has six convenient local locations to help you with your banking needs. They also make getting money easier by offering more direct and surcharge-free access to your money with over 30,000 ATMs nationwide. That’s a lot more than most traditional banking customers have access to.

3. Business Loans

A great working relationship with your partners is essential to having a successful business. Getting a business loan is an important step in expanding your business, so it’s extremely helpful to have a reliable credit union to assist you in the process. With options like flexible operating lines of credit, commercial real estate loans, and SBA loans for a variety of fixed-asset acquisitions, an Oregon credit union is the perfect choice to help ensure your business thrives.

4. Kid’s Services

Learning to save money is best taught at a young age. An Oregon credit union will not only have options for adults, but they’ll also include options for your children to begin their own banking accounts. Central Willamette Credit Union has plenty of fun options for kids’ banking, like the Kid Kash Savings Account program. This account allows your children to start saving their money in their own account, following a deposit of just $5.

Aside from the perks of knowing their money is in a safe place, credit unions typically offer other incentives for children. Options such as Kid Kash giveaways, free piggy banks with a $100+ deposit, and Kid Kash Punch Cards for saving rewards are just a few of the perks that come along with opening a savings account for your little one.

Teens are also able to set up special accounts with Oregon credit unions. MyChecking Account for teens with Central Willamette offers no monthly service charge, unlimited check writing, and no minimum balance requirements. The account also comes with a special Visa debit card, which is a great solution for teens who need to make cashless transactions.

5. Community Involvement

One of the greatest features of an Oregon credit union is the sense of community. And what gives a greater sense of community than giving back to the area? Central Willamette Credit Union is proud to be stationed in Oregon and holds specific events that are designed with the community in mind. You’ll get to know the employees through their awesome service, as well as their active community involvement. Whether it’s giving back through sponsorship, scholarships, or setting up a booth at a local fair, we make sure to keep the area and its people in mind as much as possible.

6. Online Services

Don’t feel like running to the bank all the time to make transactions? An Oregon credit union makes banking easy with multiple online banking options. Online services allow you to make many of your usual banking transactions online, like transferring money, paying your bills, and even checking your bank statements.

They also offer apps to make sure your banking information can go anywhere your cell phone does. And when you don’t have access to the internet, you can still access your account. We now offer text banking, which allows you to text commands to your credit union and transfer money or receive your account information 24/7.

7. Student Services

As a student, there are many banking needs that you’ll soon be facing. Getting credit cards, student loans, and savings accounts are just a few. An Oregon credit union will help you face them all in a way that helps you understand and feel prepared for what’s ahead. Options like funding your college experience may seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. An Oregon credit union will make the process easy with competitive rates and great repayment options for your student loan.

High school mini grants are another option offered by Oregon credit unions to help pay for select scholastic activities. Local high schools in the area are selected, and then those activities directors can contact their local credit union to see how they can apply for this great opportunity for their students.

An Oregon credit union is capable of offering you all of these features and more once you become a member.

So what are you waiting for? Stop by today or go online to sign up with a credit union like Central Willamette Credit Union, and start to feel good about where you put your money.