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Planning for the Best Vacation Ever and Saving Money at the Same Time

Save Money on Your Next Family Adventure 

The news headlines keep warning us about financial storms riddled with inflation, recession, and rising prices. How can a family plan ahead for the perfect vacation while staying under budget? We have some tips and tricks that could help with your travel plans. 

Beat the Price Hikes

The cost of fuel, food, and everything in between has steadily risen over the last few years. When booking airfare, hotels, and more, consider booking as early as you can. As millions of families begin making reservations and scheduling their travel arrangements, prices will go up. The sooner you can get yours confirmed, the more you’ll save. While booking your travel, use online price-monitoring sites such as Google, Kayak, and more for added savings.  Another way to cope with price increases is to consider the cost instead of the destination. Seems odd, right? But if you choose your vacation based on cost first, you’ll likely stay within your set budget. Money-smart destinations could include nearby resorts or theme parks, and cities or locations that don’t appear on a “Top 10 Best” list.  

Make it a Working Vacation

If the pandemic taught us anything, is that many of us can work from just about anywhere. If you have that option, talk to your employer about working part-time while you are away. Instead of sleeping in each day, get up early and get several hours of work done. Once the rest of the family is up and moving, go out on your daily adventures. It’s a great way to cut the cost of a vacation.  

Save Money on Road Trips

If you plan to drive to your destination, follow these simple tips to reduce how much you pay at the pump and the overall wear on your vehicle. 

  • Do all the necessary maintenance. When your vehicle has a fresh oil change, all the fluids topped off, and brakes checked out, it can help keep your family safer and save you money. A well-maintained car will get more miles per gallon and be less likely to break down somewhere along a dark, desert highway. 
  • Check your tires (all of them). Properly inflated tires can improve your fuel efficiency by up to 2% (and improve range on electric cars and trucks), according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). And don’t forget to check the spare tire. You don’t want to get stranded if you get a flat. 
  • Pack light. The weight of your cargo and passengers matters. The more you weigh your vehicle down, the harder it will need to work, burning more fuel or reducing range (if you drive an electric vehicle). 

Choose Accommodations with Extras

The first extra to consider is free breakfast. Eliminating the cost of one of your daily meals can save you hundreds of dollars. Other extras to consider include access to local museums and attractions, as well as free transportation to and from local airports. 

Fly or Ride a Train Overnight

Some flights, trains and busses offer overnight trips that get you from one destination to another while you sleep. When you wake up, you’ll be in a new location. And you’ll have saved money on accommodations.

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