What Are My Personal Checking Options at CWCU?


Choosing a financial institution to bank with is a big deal. It’s the place where you’ll trust your money to be stored while you’re not using it, so you want to make sure that you’re getting the best deal available when it comes to things like personal checking accounts. Financial institutions typically have a variety of personal checking account options to offer you, but not all of them will suit your specific needs. Knowing which options are available to you and what perks they come with will help you make the best decision for you and your money.

Central Willamette Credit Union has personal checking account options for nearly everyone. Options like the Simply Free Checking account are for your basic banking needs, while other options, like the 50+ Checking account, are exclusive based on your age. Whatever your personal checking account needs may be, Central Willamette likely has an account that you’ll be interested in pursuing. Here are some of the accounts offered at this credit union.

Simply Free Checking

The most standard and hassle-free checking account that you can start at Central Willamette Credit Union is the Simply Free Checking Account. It makes banking easy and accessible for nearly anyone, by not having any minimum requirements or added fees to worry about. The Simply Free Checking account puts convenience first, making it one of the most popular personal checking options to choose from.

When you open a Simply Free Checking account at Central Willamette Credit Union, you’ll be saving up to $144 when compared to banking at other popular financial institutions. At some financial institutions, there are hidden fees that make your “free” account a lot less free when you don’t follow certain standards.

Unlike those seemingly free accounts, this checking account offers a $0 monthly service charge. Plus, you won’t have to maintain a minimum monthly balance to avoid service charges. There aren’t any. It also charges $0 in annual service charges when requirements are not met, which is a charge that often surprises people when they bank with other financial institutions. The Simply Free Checking account manages to be exactly what it claims to be, a free checking account, which makes banking feel easier than ever.

50+ Checking

There are many benefits that come with growing older, one being you’re eligible for age-specific perks at your local credit union. When you’re 50 or better, you’ll be able to apply for a specialized personal checking account at Central Willamette Credit Union, which was created specifically for older people. The 50+ Checking account provides senior members with an easily understood checking option that will fit their needs.

Along with being a simple banking solution, the 50+ Checking account offers members a competitive interest rate and great perks, such as a free first box of checks and no minimum balance or monthly fees. Members with this account also receive a free debit card, which allows them to carry less cash and pay for things with the simple swipe of their card. There’s also the option for members to have their checks and debit cards from other institutions bought back when they switch to Central Willamette.

The 50+ Checking account is a popular option for senior members, and members enjoy having the helpful assistance of credit union staff to guide them in navigating the advantages that come with this account.

Direct Interest Checking

If you’re looking for a personal checking account that can be helpful to your other banking needs, this may be a good option for you. The Direct Interest Checking account is the perfect personal checking account to pair with your Central Willamette Credit Union loan. Members won’t have to worry about forgotten payments or missed deadlines. This account also allows you to earn interest on your money with the convenience of banking perks like direct deposit or another form of automatic payment.

Direct Interest Checking is made even easier with the addition of mobile banking. Mobile banking is offered to all members who hold a personal checking account and can be of great convenience to members who need quick access to their banking information. With this option, you can log into your banking account from the convenience of your smartphone, tablet, or iPad. It features options like fingerprint login, account viewing, mobile check deposit, and much more. It also allows you to pay your bills and view or edit any pending payments. Members enjoy the convenience of mobile banking in addition to their Direct Interest Checking account.

Premier Interest Checking

Who doesn’t want to make their money work for them? If you’re interested in earning even more interest on your balance, then you’ll want to look into applying for a Premier Interest Checking account. This account allows you to earn a competitive, tiered interest rate while being rewarded for having a higher balance with an even higher interest rate. This account requires a $1,500 minimum balance in order to eliminate the very low monthly maintenance fee of $6. If maintaining that amount won’t be an issue for you, then you can enjoy all the perks that come with having a Premier Interest Checking rate without having to worry about any fees.

This account, as well as all the personal checking account options at Central Willamette Credit Union, gives members the option to use online banking. This convenient new way of banking makes your money and your personal banking information more accessible to you. Through online banking, you’ll have access to popular banking tasks like transferring funds, check images, balance alerts, and more. You’ll also be able to view your accounts, transaction history, and any pending debit card transactions. Online banking takes convenience to a new level and is available to any credit union member who has a personal checking account.

Becoming a member at Central Willamette Credit Union will give you access to apply for these personal checking account options. Enjoy the free perks and savings options when you apply to be a member today.