Along with our unsecured personal loan, we also offer an unsecured personal loan that’s a line of credit. That means, as you pay it off, the funds are once again available for you to use.

Remember, a personal loan that’s unsecured means the loan is supported only by your creditworthiness, rather than by any type of collateral.

An unsecured loan means you don’t need property as collateral for the loan but because this is higher risk type of loan, you usually need a higher credit rating to be approved for certain unsecured loans.

Also, because of the higher risk, interest rates are usually higher on personal loans.

Use Our Loan Calculator

A good place to start with personal loans is to use our Loan Calculator and play around with different scenarios. Use our current rates in your calculations for a more accurate result.

Personal Line of Credit Features

If you choose to open an unsecured line of credit with us, we have some great features:

  • Low annual fee of $20.00
  • No application fee
  • Borrow $1000 - $50,000
  • Monthly repayment is 3% of outstanding balance or $30, whichever is greater
  • Variable Rate 

Frequently Asked Questions