Kid Kash Savings Account

There’s no better way to teach your child about the power of savings and compounding interest than by opening a Kid Kash savings account of their own.

You can transfer their allowance in their account from your Central Willamette account, or put their hard-earned money in and watch it grow.

And a Kids Kash Saving Account can be fun, too. It's the perfect way to teach kids ages 12 and younger the value of saving money on a regular basis.

Kid Kash Benefits

  • Open a Kid Kash Savings Account with a starting deposit of $5
  • Receive a free piggy bank when you open an account with $100+ deposit
  • Receive a Kid Kash punch card for savings rewards. Your child will earn 1 punch for every $5 they deposit (child must be present). Fill the card and win prizes!
  • Automatically entered in Kid Kash giveaways and contests
  • Kid Kash CD Saver Eligibility - A tiered interest rate (based on balance) Certificate of Deposit. A minimum opening balance of $500 with terms ranging from 1 year to 4 years. You may make deposits throughout the term of $25 or more and the interest is compounded daily and paid monthly.

Frequently Asked Questions

A: If you would like to open an account for your child, you will need to bring your child's social security number with you to one of our branch locations. It is not required for you to bring your child with you, however Central Willamette loves to meet our youngest members and help educate them on financial responsibility.
A: Central Willamette does offer the option to establish an account online. Visit our online application page to apply for a new account today!
A : Central Willamette offers a variety of CD products, including the Kid Kash CD. Our terms and products are all built to fit your financial needs. See our rates page for current CD rates as well as our terms.
A: Unlike banks, Credit Unions are member-owned financial cooperatives and are governed by a volunteer Board of Directors. When you join Central Willamette, your initial deposit to open an account – even a Kid Kash account! - establishes your membership and makes you a part-owner. As part of our team, we offer you a full spectrum of products and services to meet all of your financial needs.

Open an Account Today

Just stop by one of our branches with your child, or open online. Bring a valid ID (driver’s license, US passport, etc.) and proof of address (a utility bill in your name). It will only take 10 minutes of your time to help your child start a lifetime of smart money skills!

Choose one of these options to get started:

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