What Our Members Say

Our members are our best advocates. We’d rather have them tell you how they feel about banking with CWCU than us telling you.

"I value CWCU, and have been a member for decades. Staff has changed over the years, but they are always helpful, knowledgeable and friendly."

- Matilda, Member Since 1989

"Of all the financial institutions that I've done business with over the years, this is the best. Always quick and helpful if/when any issues arise. Very friendly, knowledgeable and professional staff."

- Nettie, Member since 2022

"I have been with Central Willamette  for years. I have my car and home financed with them and I am always treated like a friend."

- Patricia, Member since 1994

"I have always had a great experience with CWCU. The people are always happy to help and they’re super friendly. I financed my vehicle through you and I’ve had a checking account for 15+ years, it’s always been a great experience."

- Baily, Member since 1997

"I love my credit union. Two of my children have opened their own accounts because of my suggestion to use Central Willamette Credit Union. I love the app and the mobile banking feature."

- Danna, Member since 2016

"I got a loan through CWCU and have never had a better experience. Every person I talked to has been friendly and very informative! Their communication has been absolutely top notch."

- Matthew, Member since 2022

"I have always received quality service, and was treated like I matter to them. I'm not just an account, but a customer they want to give their best service to."

-Nancy, Member since 2002

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