Support Local High Schools! Giving back is what we do. Here is your chance to give back to the community with OUR money. As partners with local high schools in the Linn County give back with every swipe of your high school logo VISA debit card. Choose from West Albany, South Albany and Lebanon high schools, and give back to the logo on your card. There is no limit to the number of swipes you can make in a month and there is no cap to the amount the school can receive.

The more swipes you make, the more the schools can receive. Debit Cards are issued for free and are available to either new or current members. Parent approval is required for those who are under 18 and want a co-branded VISA debit card. To acquire a special co-branded ATM card, please visit one of the six branches and get yours INSTANTLY. APPLY for a Checking Account and start giving back today!


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