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Summer Vacation on a Budget

Plenty of Fun Without Spending a Ton

Every year, over 100 million American families take off for a summer vacation, according to AAA (American Automobile Association). That’s a lot of people spending money on hotels, airfare, fuel, food, and fun. What about you? If your summer plans include a vacation, we have some quick tips to help you save money.  

Don’t Delay: The rule of supply and demand and overall prices is especially true when it comes to travel. Reservations fill up fast this time of year. The longer you wait, the more expensive everything will be. The sooner you book hotel rooms or airfare, the less you’ll likely pay. 

Monitor Prices: If you plan to fly to your destination, or you are going to need hotel reservations, watch prices using online price-monitoring sites. These include Kayak, TravelPriceWatch, Airfare Watchdog, and Google Flights. 

Think Availability and Affordability will Follow: Sure, it’s fun to plan a trip to a destination like Disneyland or New York City. But what about off-the-beaten-path destinations that may be less popular and cost less? Some options include LEGOLAND in California, Six Flags Fiesta Texas in San Antonia, and the stunning Oregon Coast. 

Find Theme Park Discounts: Theme park tickets are often cheaper on weekdays rather than weekends. Additionally, purchasing tickets online or bundling them with your hotel reservation can save you some money. Be sure to check with your local library system for possible no-cost or discounted ticket options. 

Skip the Souvenirs: Those expensive trinkets are not nearly as wonderful as family photos and priceless memories. If a souvenir is essential, choose one as a family instead of individual items.  

Travel Mid-Week: If possible, travel to and from your destination mid-week. This can save you a lot of money on travel expenses. Booking some hotels mid-week can also save you money. 

Take the Car: The average cost to fly a family of four is upwards of $4,000. Imagine saving that money and driving to your destination instead. Yes, you’ll spend around $1,200 per day on gas, food, and extra nights in hotels according to AAA, but you’ll create plenty of memories along the way. Plus, you’ll have the freedom to stop at every roadside attraction. 

Think Local: Oregon and the Pacific Northwest are home to some amazing vacation destinations. Some of the more popular, ultra-local options include the Enchanted Forest in Salem (with discounts on groups of 25 people or more), the Columbia River Maritime Museum in Astoria, Winston’s Wildlife Safari, the Sea Lion Caves in Florence, the Lava River Cave in Bend, and the Oregon Zoo in Portland. 

Plan Ahead for Next Year: Instead of pushing it and going into debt for a vacation, start saving now for next summer. A Central Willamette Money Market Plus account can earn you more with a blended rate. Set up yours with automatic deposits and watch your savings grow into the vacation of a lifetime.

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