With Text Banking you can send text message commands to us 24/7 and receive your account information or transfer money in seconds. This free* service works with any mobile phone. Commands are quick and easy to remember. Sign into Online Banking to enable Text Banking for your accounts today!

Text Phone Number: 226563

  • Recommended: this number to your address book as "Text Banking" for quick and easy access.

Text Commands

  • LIST - Provides a list of available text commands.
  • BAL - Provides a list of accounts and loans with balances and account nicknames.
  • HIST - Provides recent account transaction history, including Pending Debit transactions.
  • XFER - Transfer funds between your accounts or make loan payments.

How to enable Text Banking for your phone:

  1. Log in to Online Banking or Mobile Banking. (If you do not already have a login, enroll today!)
  2. Under “Settings,” select “Text Enrollment.”
  3. Click on the “Off” switch so that it turns orange and says “On.”
  4. Enter your mobile number in the box that says “SMS Text Number.”
  5. Click on the box next to “Agree to Terms.”
  6. Click “Save.”
  7. Click “Visit Preferences” once you see “Enrollment Successful”
  8. Check the Enabled box for each account you wish to access with Text Banking.
  9. Enter a nickname for each account (4 digits max).
    a. Examples: A1, A2, L141, L144, Sav1, Chk2, 9901, 9902, 1, 2 or Mike, Mary, Auto, etc.
    b. You will enter an account nickname when using the HIST, XFER and BAL commands to specify your accounts.
  10. Enter the order number you wish your accounts to display, starting with 1, then 2, then 3, etc.

How to Use text banking:

  1. Enable text banking - see instructions above
  2. Send text commands to 226563 - see list of commands above

Hint: Add to your phone contacts as "Text Banking"

*Carrier message and data rates may apply. Consult your carrier about your messaging plan.