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You won't find these rates with a traditional savings account. When you open a Central Willamette CD, you can sit back and watch your savings grow for a fixed term. Discover a variety of terms and rates below!

Elevate Your Savings With the Flex12 CD

The Flex12 CD is a different type of Certificate account. Traditional CDs lock you into a rate for a certain amount of time. With the Flex12 CD, your rate is flexible, giving you an advantage in an environment of rising rates.

  • It's Different: Its unique tie to the three-month Treasury Bill plus an additional 0.25% sets it apart.
  • Add Funds at Your Convenience: Enjoy the freedom of adding an extra $2500 or more to your Flex12 CD anytime you like, without the hassle of opening additional accounts.

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Make the most of your savings with our handy CD comparison tool. By entering various rates and terms, you can see which CD offers the highest interest rate for your situation, allowing you to maximize the interest earned on your savings.

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