Build a Better Future with a Home Equity Loan or Line of Credit

At Central Willamette, we believe in helping you build a better future!  As a trusted financial partner, we are excited to offer you an opportunity to leverage the equity in your home and take steps toward achieving your dreams.  Introducing our Home Equity Loan and HELOC options – whether you're considering home renovations, education expenses, debt consolidation, or even a well-deserved vacation, our Home Equity solutions can provide the financial flexibility you need to make it all possible.

Know the Difference - Loan vs. Line of Credit

Are you looking for a one-time lump sum, or are you interested in utilizing your home's equity as you go? Learn more about which option may better fit your needs below!

Home Equity Loan

A Home Equity Loan allows you to borrow money by leveraging the equity in your home.  The loan amount is disbursed in one lump sum and paid back in monthly installments over a pre-determined term!  Home equity loans at Central Willamette mean:

  • NO annual fee
  • Flexible terms
  • Fixed rates
  • Up to 90% financing

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Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC)

A Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) is like a credit card, where you have a balance that you can use. As you pay off what you borrow, you can access those funds again.  Borrow as you go (up to your limit) from a line of credit secured by the equity of your home with one of our two HELOC options at Central Willamette!

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Fixed for Five

Need to finance something that requires an upfront payment, such as a home improvement project? Take advantage of a fixed interest rate with our FF5 option!


  • Fixed rate for five years
  • Up to 90% financing 
  • 10-year draw period

Plus Line

Plan on utilizing your line of credit for many expenses? Consider our Plus Line!


  • Variable rates
  • Option to lock in a rate for a portion of the balance
  • Up to 90% financing
  • 10-year draw period

Our Real Estate Team will pick the best equity option for YOU!

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